A Dubai Mainland license is an onshore company that allows entrepreneurs to conduct business activities inside and outside of the UAE. The trade licenses for mainland companies are issued by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED).

You can register a professional license or commercial license in Dubai. The trade license issued by DED is considered more premium and allows for the following benefits.

  • Allows for 100% foreign ownership
  • Ability to conduct business anywhere in the UAE
  • Own and rent office spaces within Dubai mainland
  • Do business with government entities
  • Fewer nationality restrictions for obtaining a trade license
  • Easier to open bank accounts specially with traditional banks
  • Scalability of a business is much easier by adding more visas to the trade license

To get a company registered in Dubai, it is not mandatory to have a physical office space and Creative Zone’s co-working DED package would be the perfect solution to get you started.

Types of Business Licenses in Dubai – UAE

Commercial License: Commercial licenses cover all kinds of general trading as well as specialized trading activities.

Professional License: The professional licenses are provided to business enterprises engaged in some of the other profession or service-oriented activity – such as craftsmen, doctors, teachers, and artisans.

Industrial License: An industrial license is provided to establishments involved in an industrial or manufacturing activity.

Tourism License: A tourism trade license is a requirement for businesses and companies involved in the travel, tourism, or hospitality sector.

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  • Mainland and Free zone Licensing
  • License Renewal & Cancellation Services

What is mainland company formation in Dubai?

Mainland company formation in Dubai means a business setup in the onshore region, registered after approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

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